ZEDGE ™ Wallpapers & Ringtones : APP Review

It is the application of one of the oldest sites for software phone accessories of wallpapers, ringtones, icons … the application is superior to other similar applications by providing several types of these accessories at the same time, unlike other applications specialized in specific accessories such as wallpapers. 

ZEDGE ™ Wallpapers & Ringtones : APP Review

The Zedge website and its application are currently rich in a variety of dense content, and it may be all that the user needs to meet his needs in this regard, and the application presents its content in an orderly manner, with the possibility of improving the use experience further in future updates.

Zedge application interface:

The Zedge application comes with a good interface that turns the user when launching the application directly to the wallpapers section; noting that all sections are divided in the interface into three: Featured, Modern, and Famous.

When you swipe from the left, a side menu will appear that allows the user to access other application features: wallpapers, Animated wallpapers; ringtones, alerts, games and icons; as well as favorites and user-downloaded items. 

The application allows you to preview elements before they are approved.

ZEDGE ™ Wallpapers & Ringtones : APP Review

For example, when you click on a background; the wallpaper will be displayed in its full size to ensure the quality and whether it is to the user’s liking.

Zedge application Content:

In terms of content; the app has a lot of content, with it often providing diverse and unique content; so the user will often be able to find the items he needs in order to customize his phone to his taste. The app recommends some games; but these are not offered primarily because they are level games; they are just ads; so this should be taken into account when using the app. This icon section is still in beta; but it does offer a number of interesting icon packs.

Returning to talking about the wallpapers provided by the Zedge application; the latter is characterized by beautiful wallpapers that do not contain links or logos of third parties.

As for the animated wallpapers, their evaluation depends on the user’s taste; whether he likes slow moving wallpapers or fast moving wallpapers; with a good selection available On the application; so the user will often find what he wants in several options.

As for the tones; it can be said that there is a preference for quality over quantity; and the Alerts section of the application contains tones for alerts.

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