What is Android?: everything you need to know about Google’s mobile OS

Android is a mobile operating system created by the American company Google. Its main goal, based on the Linux operating system, was to promote the adoption of an open, free, multiplatform, and very secure system, adaptable to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Since its inception, the system has made a significant commitment to attracting developers, thus it features a variant of Java called Dalvik that allows you to write programs that utilize the utilities of the devices in a very simple way.

The brand’s logo is a green android (robot) with a basic design and rounded contours.

What is Android?

History of Android

Google, best known for its search engine, which we employ for SEO positioning, acquires the software startup Android Inc. in 2005. Android Inc, founded in 2003 in California, was working on a system-based operating system for Linux machines. With Google’s acquisition of the business, the system’s development proceeded until 2007, when the Open Handset Alliance, a union of hardware and software developers, was established. The Android 1.0 operating system is introduced the same year, and the first devices with it go on sale a year later, in 2008.

In just two years, the system has been such a smashing success that it already has a market share of more than 50% in 2011. Since then, the operating system has gotten dozens of upgrades, millions of apps for its store, the App Store, and has risen to become the uncontested leader of mobile operating systems.

What are the advantages of using this mobile operating system?

It is a very flexible mobile operating system . Thanks to this, designers of smartphones and tablets have the opportunity to customize it to their liking. For example, if you don’t like the Google keyboard, you can always download a new keyboard, like the Swiftkey.

In this context, currently there are millions of Android apps that you can download from Google Play Store. Indeed, whatever the functionality you are looking for, there is always an application that can meet your expectations on this platform.

Main features of Android

Without a doubt, the success of this operating system is built on the several distinguishing features that have set it apart from its competitors. We emphasize the following key features:

Interface: Although it may differ slightly depending on the cellphone manufacturer, it generally follows the same path for all. This is distinguished by a very approachable and intuitive design that is, above all, very customizable thanks to launchers, widgets, and toolbars. All installed applications are put together in a sort of drawer from which we can manage them.

Security: The security of its users has been one of the banners of the Android system from its creation. With each new system upgrade, more security measures have been incorporated, yet at the level of privacy, there has always been criticism owing to the sale of user information to other organizations.

Apps: Android has always been staunchly devoted to free application development. As a result, it now has over 400,000 apps available in its official shop, the App Store. However, not all that glitters is gold, and the enormous quantity of applications has also resulted in the development of duplicates and plagiarism of unimportant applications.

Adaptability: Android has always been planned as a multiplatform system capable of reaching the greatest number of people, which is why it is adaptable to all screen sizes and resolutions.

Kernel: It is an open source system based on the Linux Kernel to attract programmers and developers.

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