Speedtest App Review

Speedtest: you’ll get what you paid for if you use the right speed test App.

The internet has become a necessity in almost every household. And internet service providers, or ISPs, provide the tools to do so.

However, you may notice occasional skips and dips in your Wi-functionality, Fi’s and you may have questions about whether the ISP you’re currently registered with is delivering on its stated internet speed.

Speedtest App Review

Regrettably, not all speed-testing apps are created equal. You may notice that your results on one app are slower than on another due to the way particular apps are coded.

Not only that, but many ISPs have their own speed test applications and websites, which are designed to upsell users on faster plans even if they don’t need them.

When you phone customer service to complain about slow internet, the representative will usually lead you to a speed test webpage created by your ISP.

Suddenly, your internet speed has improved, with faster download and upload speeds than before. This is most likely due to the ISP’s servers being closer to your location.

Apps for speed testing aren’t perfect either. They’re a good estimate, a tool that can assist you in determining what’s wrong with your internet connection.

To get an average, we recommend doing a speed test at least three times with any app. It’s also a good idea to do speed tests with a variety of apps.

How to Use Speedtest App by Ookla

Select the Begin Test button on the app’s top page map to start testing your internet speed.

This will allow you to test your existing internet connection’s ping, download speeds, and upload rates.

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