SofaScore – Sports live scores : APP Review

Surely you know that this is a website and application that covers a total of 23 sports, but you do not know how the SofaScore points work.

SofaScore - Sports live scores : APP Review

The best thing is that you continue in this post, since we show you how SofaScore shows you a variety of statistics for:

  • Suspenders
  • Matches
  • Players

In general, SofaScore provides ratings to footballers from 35 different leagues. That is why it also works as an application to discover tips to bet on sports .

 Find out how the SofaScore points work

It is true that SofaScore is one of the best systems on platforms in Spain, but sometimes it confuses its users.

SofaScore points are updated live as the match progresses.

Now, many people wonder why when the game starts they don’t update. This application does not start until after 10 minutes when the first evaluation of the players is received.

From there, the data comes in live, changing it on a color scale from red to green so users understand the impact of their players on the match. In this way, the points work by valuing each of the players, according to the actions and movements they have in the match.

Advantages and disadvantages of this App

Although the app is a true innovation, it can be double-edged. Because it contains a strong algorithm that shows all the statistics of the match, such as:

  • Possession
  • passes
  • Assists
  • dribbling
  • Shots

That is, on a scale of 1 to 10, all the steps of the players in the match are registered in a final number, which is not removed according to the applied values.

On the other hand, one of its advantages is being able to follow your favorite teams and enjoy the game you want. By simply selecting “My matches” you will follow the leaderboards to obtain:

And this, from each of the games, in the simplest way.

Lastly, SofaScore reminds us that in football there is only one ultimate goal and that is victory, and gives you every single tool you need to discover the goal.

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