Google Keep – notes and lists: All you Need To Now

The mobile is part of our lives, of an increasingly busy life. Free time is in short supply and the to-do list is always growing. That is why we depend on applications to increase our productivity. One of the most useful is Google Keep.

With over 50 million downloads on Google Play , it’s clear that it’s one of the world’s favorite productivity tools . Being from Google helps a lot, of course.

Google Keep - notes and lists: All you Need To Now

Write down the idea. You’re going to need it.

Whether the idea is good or not, you will decide later. You, take it out and leave it somewhere: a notebook, a text document, an application… or whatever you see.

The application that I use on a daily basis is Google Keep . I combine this with Google Calendar .

Keep is free, simple, intuitive, ad-free, syncs across all your devices, and most importantly to me, adaptable to any everyday situation that requires brainstorming.

Advantage of Google Keep App

  • You can take notes with image , with your voice or writing . As you prefer.
  • If you dictate a note, you can convert it to text.
  • It is very visual . You choose the color you want each item to wear.
  • You can use tags , to separate between different subjects.
  • You can share notes . Do you organize an excursion where everyone has to carry certain things? As each one crosses out their box, the note is updated.
  • Has time reminders .
  • It has place reminders . If you want, it alerts you to pick up the clothes when you are near the dry cleaner.
  • Add notes, lists, and photos to Google Keep. You’re in a rush ? Record a voice memo. Keep will transcribe it so you can find it later.
  • Share your ideas with your loved ones
  • Easily plan a surprise party by sharing your Keep notes with others and collaborating with them in real time.
  • Quickly find what you’re looking for
  • Add colors and labels to quickly categorize your notes and get better organized. Easily find your notes with a simple search.
  • Your notes at your fingertips
  • Keep works on your Android phone, tablet, computer and connected accessories. Everything is synchronized on all your devices so that your ideas follow you everywhere.
  • Notes that appear at the right time
  • Do you have to go shopping? Set a location-based reminder to show your shopping list when you arrive at the supermarket.
  • Available everywhere
  • Try Google Keep on the web at, and find the app on the Chrome Web Store: Camera

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