DRAGON BALL LEGENDS is a freemium role-playing game (RPG) that focuses on character development and real-time battle.

The single-player story mode leads Shallot, a brand-new Dragon Ball character who wakes up in an odd time and place and meets a squad of odd warriors who are preparing to fight in an intergalactic tournament.


The game includes forming teams of up to six heroes and fighting with them to acquire experience and gold. Players receive upgradeable cards representing talents and equipment that make their heroes more powerful as they level up, as well as currency that allows them to call more heroes, as they level up. Players can face online friends in addition to the single-player story mode.

Meanwhile, there are two offline game modes that allow players to earn money and experience.


  • The gameplay of Dragon Ball Legends is fantastic, and I adore it.
  • Some things are balanced, while others aren’t.
  • The story is something I really enjoy about this.
  • The narrative is fantastic since it is so unique and unlike any other dragon ball story.
  • It was fantastic to witness a completely new cocky yet cool saiyan shallot.
  • Shallot is awesome because we don’t know much about him, but the tale is moving on to something different now.

Another feature I enjoy is how simple it is to go through the levels. It’s pretty lovely because they’re just there when you’re playing a tale or something else, and for some reason I enjoy sitting there and watching them level up. Another advantage is that you can embark on an exp quest and fast level up.


  • One thing that irritates me about this game is that they have an endless number of z-vanishes on the exp quest.
  • It’s extremely aggravating since they just dodge every time you attack.
  • Sure, they don’t have a lot of HP, but I still don’t like it, and I believe it is an unneeded component in the game that should be removed.

Another thing I dislike is how brief the story is. It irritates me because when you finish the novel, it becomes difficult to obtain crytals, and I always have to wait for my daily discoun like a peasent (that I am).

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