Camera360 – Selfie + Editor App

Camera360 – which is a very powerful app for photo and image processing, which is in all respects superior to the standard Android camera, and many of these applications. 

By the number of total downloads and active users, Camera360 is the most popular app of its kind. This project is used regularly by more than 30 million people around the world. 

Camera360 - Selfie + Editor APP

Next in popularity goes FxCamera , the review of which is available on our website.

With this program, I met a year ago, and she has not made a great impression on me. 

Major and radical change came with the third version of the program in which she radically transformed the interface and added a lot of goodies.

Camera360 Features:

  • 24 effects with the possibility of fine adjustment;
  • Comfortable and intuitive interface;
  • Faster loading and the ability to use the camera as a “default”;
  • AF, grid, zoom;
  • Fine-tuning all aspects of photography.

When you start Camera360 will ask you to select the mode “for a beginner” or “for the professional.” If you choose the former, you will be required to go through six easy learning steps, which take you through the basic functions of the program.

The camera is very easy to use, choose a favorite effect and just take photos, and then finish the frame. 

If you don’t like something, we can adjust the effect or change to another. 

The program includes all the popular filters and effects, such as Tilt-Shift, HDR, Retro, lomo, etc.

Another important part of the program is the tree called Christmas. Scene – is when we already have an image, within which there is a place for the image of the poster stand. 

I mean, you can take a picture of the man and get things right on the billboard in the heart of Wall Street, or on the big screen in Shanghai. And it doesn’t look like a cheap photoshop, but a high quality and professional treatment.

These patterns in the program more than 30 pieces and are constantly replenished.I can’t compare Camera360 to similar Vignette app

The only significant difference between the two is in the interface. If you think it’s too heavy, then be sure to give Vignette a try.


Camera360 – this is a very high-quality and detail-tuned app, which can be a relief, if you don’t like the stock camera on your phone. 

The program is available for free, and it does not have any integrated advertising. I definitely recommend a musthave!

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