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Booking is, together with brands such as eDreams, Expedia or Trivago , one of the main companies that compete in the travel and tourism eCommerce sector worldwide.

With more than 1,290,000 hotels around the world, the Booking app is the company’s mobile weapon to take advantage of the rise of mCommerce and facilitate reservations wherever its users are.  has a well-cared mobile application and the latest improvements to the Booking app have been in speed and stability.

App Booking: booking a hotel in a simple way

Let’s face it: the Booking app does not enter through the eyes . With a somewhat basic design, which uses bold, text in a thousand different colors and somewhat industrial tones , this application, both in its search pages and in its product sheets, recreates the visual appearance of the web version of Booking , which It has never stood out for its preciousness. 

Although it has improved considerably compared to the first version.

As soon as you enter, you can see reservations or start searching .

On your first visit, after giving search you will find a practical and complete search engine with which to find the accommodation you are looking for and see prices. 

You can see accommodations where you are and popular destinations.

However, and as it happens with that same version, these design deficiencies do not devalue its usefulness for the user. Utility and usability, actually. 

Because booking a hotel through this application is really easy . 

Starting from geolocation ; which it uses to offer results of hotels close to the traveler’s position (distance in kilometers included) until reaching the ease of locating the most suitable hotel for each user, thanks to the presence of an infinity of filters (number of stars, price range, services, comment score, acceptance or not of pets…) and ordering systems(depending on popularity, number of stars, rating, price…).

In order to simplify (further) the task, the Booking application includes the possibility of reviewing the search history; as well as accessing the history of previous reservations; in the event that the client has previously registered. Hotels and more – Applications sur Google Play

In the bar on the left you can : log in or create an account, view reservations; offers, lists, recent queries, write a comment, recent searches; your travel guides and add an accommodation. 

There are also the settings, a help page, the ability to share and review the Booking app. 

At the top right you can change the language and currency . 

Once the most suitable hotel has been chosen , users will be able to see a large number of enlargeable photographs of its interior; which accompany complete descriptions; which include the conditions and services offered by each accommodation; and which even allow them to quickly choose between the different types of room available. 

Its ease of use and reservation is one of its main attractions.

Download the Booking app:

The Booking app was something more than necessary at a time when users are increasingly using their mobile phones to make their inquiries; and even make their reservations from there; especially when they go on a trip or stay out longer than usual and need book last minute accommodation. 

The Booking app is free and available for Android.

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