Best Android social networking apps

After conducting some simple studies on this matter, and due to the infinite number of applications that appeared, the number of electronic applications was reached, which was approximately 5000 applications .

Best Android social networking apps

But not all of them are used by individuals. There are a group of applications, which are the most widely used, and the number of the most popular programs reaches about 20 applications , and it may be more or less than that by a few, and we will explain them as follows:


Facebook is the most Best Android social networking apps in the world of social media, in which communication takes place between individuals and each other, through another application that is linked to it as the primary means of communication with it and the link between people, and it is called Messenger .

Through the Facebook application, videos and personal statuses can be shared, and recently enjoyed the powerful update that provided the highest degree of privacy for its users, which is the closing of the personal page, which provided the opportunity to put the image and share it with the circle of close acquaintances without feeling disturbed.

Messenger has gained similar fame, due to the inability to communicate with friends on Facebook without the presence of the Messenger.

What’s App:

The WhatsApp application ranked second of Best Android social networking apps among the most popular global applications for social networking, although it does not spread news or similar services available through Facebook.

However, it is indispensable for correspondence, business exchange and conversations between the parties and each other, and through which a group is created through which personal work can be managed and to know the news of the work site with ease among the members of the work team, and is characterized by easy handling.

Many copies of it that carried updates that differed from the original version of it, but it did not spread widely due to those rumors that were famous for being unsafe copies, so people tend to use the original version of it only because of its ease of handling and trust.


This application was launched in 2011 and although it is one of the modern social networking applications 2022 compared to Facebook and WhatsApp, it has gained great popularity among its users, because it is the means through which photos and videos are shared with privacy and security.

Conversations are conducted, annoying people are blocked, and the profile is closed to not receive annoying messages, and for more security, it has the feature of linking it with other accounts such as Facebook and other communication applications.

You can share a story with it with friends, and publish it on other sites at the same time. These features helped him gain a huge number of users.


This network of social networks used by the upper class of society, because of the restrictions that cause it to raise the level of negative coverage, and this led to receiving a huge number of bots, some of which were fake, and some of them were real.

But the fakeness of these robots did not make a difference, as many people did not use it, and despite that, it contains that reliable, immediate and urgent news, and these are among the most prominent features that they are famous for.

Its news relates to what constitutes an important image that reflects the shape of societies, because it targets football players and athletes in general, representatives, business leaders and journalists. It is a reliable and huge source of news.


One of the exclusive social networking sites, which has spread recently, but targets a specific field, which is taking pictures and sharing videos, so you find it more popular among the children and youth class, but it may not have an impact among the elderly.

Unlike other social media 2022 sites that target news, and this is what makes it suitable for all ages, and this program is famous for being a personal program as well as a means of messaging, but the effects it contains helped many people to bear it.

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