Adidas Running – Run Tracker: App Review

The Adidas Running app is designed to keep track of your activity and connect you with other runners in your area. The Running app takes care of the cardio component while the Training app assists with bodyweight strength training exercises.

The Running app can help you create the right training plan, whether you’re an accomplished runner training for a marathon or a beginner learning the basics. Football, baseball, boxing, cricket, ice hockey, jump rope, pilates, and even pole dancing are just a few of the sports and activities it can track.

While Runtastic Running focuses on cardio, you can still keep track of basic strength-building stats like powerlifting and bodyweight training.

Adidas Running - Run Tracker: App Review

Although no equipment is required, connecting your fitness watch with Runtastic Running can help you get more out of your workouts.

  • Apple Watch
  • Garmin Connect
  • Polar Flow
  • Suunto
  • Coros

An Adidas Runtastic Workout: What to Expect

Whereas the Running app focuses on tracking stats such as time, speed, and distance, the Training app provides more guidance on how to perform strength activities through free features such as the Workout Creator, training plans, and a large workout collection as well as instructional exercise videos.

Your schedule, the body area you want to work on, and ways to engage and stay motivated are just a few of the factors it considers.

Adidas Running - Run Tracker: App Review

Although it may be tempting to get right into your first workout with either app, take some time to get to know your dashboard.

It will be beneficial to you because it will allow you to conduct some crucial preliminary actions such as setting up your progress tracker and learning critical technique advice before you begin performing exercises incorrectly; Patience is essential.

The Community: The Adidas Running App

In the Adidas Running community part, you can connect with other runners and your phone contacts. You can view and participate in upcoming local events, track mileage, and interact with other runners. We immediately joined the Adidas Runners London club. 

While we didn’t locate any of my existing running friends on the app; we did meet some new ones when we participated in an organized nine-mile race one weekend. 

It was easy to sign up using the events page; which provided me with all the pertinent information such as location, time; and who else from the community will be there.


You can’t fault the Adidas running app’s features, design or attention to detail with a successful name behind it. You can quickly set a weekly distance goal. And they can see all the activities on their home page. It’s also helpful to know how many miles existing trainers had left before causing potential injury. Technical assistance, complementary training in the gym. And the burst training session plans provide plenty of variation for your training, which is ideal. Suppose you feel stuck or want to try something new. However; it’s worth mentioning that the same training assistance and detailed tracking is also available for free through the Nike Run Club app.

Adidas Running is designed for runners who are serious about increasing their speed and tracking stats and miles. You will like the circuit training option and the idea of ​​following a personalized program geared towards my specific goals. You’ll also appreciate the voice-guided coach.

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